Rumi Quotes On Peace That Help You Find Inner Pleasure

Searching for Rumi Quotes On Peace. Then this page is for you. Today we have brought some of the amazing collection of quotes on peace which are given by great Saint Rumi. Also, you can share these quotes with your friends and spread peace. Hope you will like it.

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Rumi Quotes On Peace
  1. 👉Ignore those that 😲make you fearful and sad😌
  2. ☝️I found 😇myself.🙏
  3. 😮These pains you 😁feel are messengers😇. Listen to them.👍
  4. 😇Inside you there’s☝️ an artist you😲 don’t know about.🤪🤪
  5. ☝️You’ve seen 😁my descent. 😌Now watch my rising.💫💫💫
  6. ☝️Live life as😇 if everything is😁 rigged in your favor👍
  7. 👍The cure for 🤕pain is in 😇the pain💯💯
  8. ☝️Knock. And he’ll😇 open the door💫💫💫
  9. ☝️Remember, the entrance 🚪door to🤔 the sanctuary😁 is inside you.💯💯💯
  10. 🙏Prayer clears the 😌mist and brings👍 back peace💫 to the soul😇😇
Rumi Quotes On Peace
  1. 😇All religions. All this😁 singing. One☝️ song. 😇Peace be with you💯💯💯
  2. 😇Travel brings power👍 and love back❤️ into your life💯💯💯
  3. 🙄Why do you😮 stay in prison.🙄 When the 🙄door is so wide open🕳️🕳️⚡
  4. 👉You’ve seen my 🤫descent. Now😇 watch 😁my rising.💫💫💫
  5. ☝️Live life as😇 if everything is😮 rigged in your favor.💫💫
  6. 😇If you are🤪 irritated by every👍 rub, how 🤔will your 😁mirror be polished💥💥💥
  7. ❌Don’t be satisfied 👍with stories, how things🤔 have gone with 😮others. Unfold your 👍own myth😇😇😇
  8. 👉Dance 💃where you can💔 break yourself 🤪up to pieces 😮and totally🙄 abandon😇 your worldly passions💯💯
  9. ☝️When you do😇 things from your 💫soul, 😁you feel a river 😇moving in you, a joy😁😁
  10. 😇My soul is🤔 from elsewhere, I’m☝️ sure of that😇, and I intend😇 to end up there❤️❤️

  1. ☝️Sell your cleverness 😁and buy bewilderment👍
  2. 👉The wound🤕 is the place 👍where the 😇light enters you.☝️
  3. 😁The quieter 😇you become🤫 the more you😁 are 👍able to hear😌

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