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In this post you will get amazing collection of Rumi quotes on life. Learn to live the life to the fullest by getting inspired with these provided quotes of Rumi. Also, share it with your friends and make their life motivated. Hope you like it.

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  1. 👉And you? When will🤔 you begin that long😱 journey into yourself🙁
  2. 😇Live life as 🤪if everything is😲 rigged in your favour.👍
  3. 👍Be like a tree☝️ and let the dead🍂 leaves drop.💯💯💯
  4. 🤔When you do things😇 from your soul, you feel 😁a river moving in👍 you, a joy👍
  5. ⭐Shine like the😇 whole universe is yours.😇😇😇
  6. 🙁When I am 🤫silent, I have thunder🤪 hidden inside🏔️🏔️
  7. 😲I know you’re 🤔tired but come👍, this is the way👉👉
  8. 😇I searched for 🙏God and found 👍only myself😇😇
  9. 👍I searched for 😇myself and found☝️ only God.🙏 I should be🙄 suspicious of what I want💯💯💯
  10. ☝️If you are😬 irritated by😱 every rub, how🤔 will your mirror😇 be polished😁😁
  1. 😇The lion is 😁most handsome when😱 looking for food.😮😮😮
  2. 😇Why should I be 👎unhappy🙁 Every parcel 😁of my being😇 is in full bloom🎉🎉
  3. 🙏To praise the🌞 sun is to👍 praise your own eyes😇
  4. ❌Don’t be satisfied 🙄with stories, how things 😬have gone with others.😱 Unfold your 🙁own myth. 💯💯
  5. 🤔As you start to🚶‍♂️ walk, on the 🚶‍♂️way, the way appears.💯💯💯
  6. 🙄Yesterday I was👍 clever, so I wanted to🤪 change the world. Today😁 I am wise, so I☝️ am changing myself. 😁😁
  7. ❤️Your heart is the😇 size of an ocean💫. Go find yourself 👍in its hidden depths🤔🤔
  8. 🙄You were born😇 with wings,💸 why prefer 🤔to crawl 😬through life?😮😮
  9. 🤕The wound is😇 the place where the😁 Light enters you💯💯💯
  10. 😇The moon stays 😇bright when it doesn’t ❌avoid the night.💯💯💯
  1. 😇I know you’re 👍tired but come, this is the way.😇😇😇
  2. ❌Stop acting so😲 small. You are the😇 universe in 😮ecstatic motion.😇😇😇
  3. 🤫Silence is the 👍language of god,🙏 all else is😮 poor translation😳
  4. 👍 Reason is powerless👎 in the expression 😇of love.❤️
  5. ❌Do not feel❤️ lonely, the😁 entire universe😇 is inside you.💫
  6. 👉Set your 💫life on fire🔥. Seek👍 those who fan💫 your flames.😇

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