Rumi Quotes On Change That Make You Think Positive

Rumi Quotes On Change – The thirteenth century Sufi saint Jalaluddin Mohammed Balkhi “Rumi” was born in 1207 in the city of Balkh, Afghanistan. The world’s well-known poet and Sufi saint Jalaluddin Rumi was also a religious scholar. The people of America are crazy about Rumi’s priceless ideas. Reading his thoughts always gives a solution to one or the other problem. Read Rumi’s inspirational thoughts

Rumi Quotes On ChangeRumi Quotes
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Rumi Quotes On Change
Rumi Quotes On Change
Rumi Quotes On HappinessRumi Quotes
  1. 🤔Yesterday I was clever,😇 so I wanted to change🌍 the world. Today☝️ I am wise, so😇 I am changing myself💯💯
  2. 🙄Yesterday🤔 is gone and🤨 its tale told. Today😄 new seeds are😌 growing💯💯💯
  3. Gamble😇 everything for love,❤️ if you are a👍 true human being.😇 Halfheartedness 😌does not reach❌ into majesty☑️☑️
  4. Raise 👍your words, not❌ voice. It is rain 🌧️that grows💐 flowers, not thunder☑️☑️
  5. Why 🤨are you so enchanted 😌by this world, 🌍when a mine of🙄 gold lies within you💯💯💯
  6. There 🙄 is a force 😌within that gives🤔 you life😇 Seek that😇😇😇
  7. 😇Close your eyes❤️ Fall in love. Stay👍 there😁
  8. 🤔The lamps are 😁different, but the🙄 light is 😇the same💯💯
  9. Everyone 👍has been made for😇 some particular 😇work, and the desire 😇for that 😁work has been😌 put in every heart❤️
  10. Pale 🌞sunlight, pale😇 the wall. Love moves❤️ away. The light 😁changes I need more 👍grace than I thought💯💯

Rumi Quotes Change Myself

  1. 😇The garden😁 of the world😇 has no❌ limits, except in 🤨your mind.😌😌
  2. Let 👍yourself be👍 silently drawn😌 by the strange😇 pull of what😇 you really love. 🤨It will not❌ lead you astray😌
  3. ❌Don’t you know yet🤨 It is your light😁 that lights the 🌍worlds💯💯
  4. ❌Do not feel 😔lonely, the entire😇 universe is 😇inside you.💯💯
  5. There 🤔is a voice that ❌doesn’t use words. Listen💯💯💯
  6. Let👍 the beauty of 😁what you love ❤️be what you do.”
  7. Words😇 are a pretext. It is😁 the inner bond👍 that draws one☝️ person to another, 😁not words.❌
  8. This👍 is a subtle ☑️truth. Whatever😁 you love❤️ you are💯💯💯
  9. 😁You have to👍 keep breaking😇 your heart🤔 until it opens❤️❤️❤️
  10. 💯Forget safety. 👍Live where ✊you fear to live.😇
  11. Don’t grieve. ❌Anything you 😔lose comes round🤔 in another form👍

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