Rumi Quotes On Death

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  1. “I was dead💀, then alive. Weeping, then laughing😂.”
  2. “Be a🅰️ lamp 🛋🛋, or a🅰️ lifeboat, or a🅰️ ladder. Help someone’s soul heal. Walk out of your 🏠house🏠 👍like👍 a 🅰️ shepherd.”
  3. The World is 🅰️a🅰️ playground🎢🎢,. and ⚰death⚰ is the night 🌑
  4. “Silence gives answers”
  5. “The angel 👼 of death💀 arrives🛬,
    and I spring☀️ joyfully 🔺up🔺.”
  6. Let silence🔈 take you to the core of life.” — Rumi
  7. “Life is ♎️balance♎️ of holding 👭 on 🔛 and letting go.”
  8. Wisdom tells us 🇺🇲 we are not worthy; 💛love 💛💛 tells 🇺🇲us🇺🇲 we are. My life flows between the two 2️⃣.”
  9. Reason is powerless in the expression of love👫
  10. “The 🌍world🌍 is a🅰️ 🎢playground🎢🎢, and death☠ is the 🌕night🌕.”
Rumi Quotes On Death
  1. Remember a🅰️🅰️ grave is only a🅰️ curtain for the paradise behind.
  2. You’ll only see👀 me descending into a 🅰️ grave, now 👀watch 👀 me 🌹rise🌹.
  3. Travel brings power🔌 and love💝 back⬅️ into your life.”
  4. “There is a🅰️ life in you, search🔍🔍 that life, 🔍search 🔍 the secret🔏 jewel 🔶🔶 in the mountain🌁 of your body👀
  5. I learned📘 that every mortal will taste😝 ⚰death⚰. But only some will 😝taste 😝😝 life.
  6. “Our ⚰death⚰ is our wedding💍 with eternity.”
  7. “Let silence📴 take you to the core of life”
  8. If destiny comes to help🆘 you, love 🏩 will come to meet you. A life without love❤️ isn’t a🅰️ life.”
  9. Don’t grieve. anything you lose comes 🔃round🔃 in another form.
  10. Wear gratitude like 💗💗 a 🅰️ cloak and it🇮🇹 will feed every 🌽corner 🌽 of your life.”
  11. “The very center of your 💕heart💕 is where life begins. The most beautiful place🏜🏜 on🔛 earth🌎.

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