Rumi Quotes On Nature That Make You Fall In Love With World

Rumi Quotes on Nature- Rumi or originally known as Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, was a 13th-century evergreen and always famous Persian poet, Islamic scholar, Sufi mystic and Hanafi fakih. He was born on September 30, 1207 in the Balkh region of Afghanistan and died on December 17, 1273 in Konya, Turkey. He was entitled as Mevlana/Mevlana or Mevlevi/Mavalavi which means (our lord or my lord). Regarded as a great poet and spiritual master, his views on life, love, Sufism and the mysteries of our universe are loved by many! Here we bring you the best rumi quotes that will change your outlook about nature

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  1. ❤️Love is a🌊 river. Drink from 😇it.👍
  2. ☝️I have found the❤️ heart and will never❌ leave this 😁house of light.💯💯💯
  3. 🙄The breeze at 🤔dawn has secrets 😁to tell ☑️you. Don’t go❌ back to sleep.😇😇😇
  4. 👍Let yourself 😁become living poetry💯💯💯
  5. 👍Raise your words,❌ not your voice. It is rain 🌧️that grows flowers,💐 not thunder💯💯💯
  6. 😘The world is a 👍mountain, in which🙄 your ☝️words are😁 echoed back to you.💯💯💯
  7. ❌Don’t allow🙄 your animal😌 nature to rule ☑️your reason.😱😱
  8. 👍Know that 🙄There is no❌ god🙏 but He,’👍 and ask forgiveness 🙏for your sin😔😔😔
  9. When👍 you do things☝️ from your 😇soul, you feel 😇a river moving 🌊in you, a joy.💯💯💯
  10. 👍If you are😌 irritated by every rub, 🙄how will 🙄your mirror be 🤔polished🤨
  11. 👍Remember, the 😇entrance door to👍 the sanctuary😁 is inside you😇😇😇
  1. 😁When the soul 😌lies down in that👍 grass,😇 the world is 😇too full to😌 talk about💯💯
  2. 😇If everything around 🙄seems dark, look😁 again, you may 😇be the light😁
  3. 👍In the garden😁
    I see 😇only your face😁
    From🌲 trees and 😇blossoms
    I 😇inhale only 🤨your fragrance.😇😇😇
  4. Where👍 there is ruin, 🤨there is hope☝️ for a💐 treasure.💯💯💯
  5. 👍Be grateful for😇 whoever comes,☝️ because 🙄each has been 👍sent as a guide🤨 from beyond💯💯
  6. 👍Let the waters 🌊settle and you 😇will see 👍the moon 🌝and the stars⭐ mirrored😇 in your own🙄 being.😁😁😁
  7. 😇The inspiration👍 you seek is already😌 within ☝️you. Be silent 🤫and listen.💯💯
  8. 👍If you are🤔 irritated by every🙄 rub, how🙄 can you be🙄 polished💯💯💯
  9. 🤔When the world 🌍pushes you to 👍your knees,😌 you’re in the👍 perfect position 👍to pray.🙏🙏🙏
    1. ✈️Travel brings 💪power and love ❤️back into💫 your life.💖💖💖
Rumi Quotes On Nature
  1. 👍Everything you😇 see has its roots👍 in the 😱unseen world. 🌍The forces change 🤔yet the essence ☝️remains the same💯💯💯
  2. ❌Don’t grieve.😱 Anything you 👎lose comes😬 round in another form.🙁🙁🙁
  3. 🤪Words are a 🤔pretext. It is the inner😳 bond that😮 draws one😲 person to another, not words🤔💯💯
  4. Two🤔 there are who❌ are never satisfied -😮 the lover 💖of the world 🌎and the lover of❤️ knowledge.😱
  5. 👉The very👍 center of your heart is❤️ where life begins 😇- the most beautiful💖 place on 🌎
  6. 😮Before death takes away 😱what you🙁 are given🤔, give away what ☝️there is to give.😇😇😇

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