Rumi Quotes On Hope

In today’s post we have provided some best collection of Rumi Quotes On Hope. Spread these inspirational thoughts of Rumi that will make your as well as others day more joyful. Hope you like it

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  1. Forget 🙄 safety. Live👍 where you 😘fear to live.😁 Destroy your🔥 reputation. Be notorious.😁😁😁
  2. Laugh 😁as much as you☝️ breathe. Love❤️ as long as 🤨you live.💯💯💯
  3. Words🤔 are a pretext. It is🤨 the inner bond that 🤔draws one person ☝️to another, not words.❌
  4. Your ❤️heart knows the👍 way. Run in that direction💯💯
  5. Let ☝️your teacher ❤️be love itself.💯💯
  6. I👍 searched for God 🙏and found only👍 myself. I 😇searched for myself😇 and found ☝️only God.🙏
  7. There 🤔are lovers content❤️ with longing. ❌I’m not one of them.”😌
  8. 😌Gamble everything ❤️for love, if you’re a ☝️true human being.🙏🙏🙏
  9. ☝️If you want to be👍 more alive, love ❤️is the 😇truest health.💯
  10. Very 😇little grows😇 on jagged 😇rock. Be ground🤨. Be crumbled,😅 so wildflowers💐 will come up where ☝️you are💐💐💐
  1. Love❤️ risks everything 🤔and asks for nothing💯💯💯
  2. 🤨Wherever you are,☝️ and whatever🙄 you do, 😁be in love.”💯
  3. ☝️The very center 😌of your Heart ❤️is where😁 life begins😇. The most beautiful ❤️place on Earth.🌍🌍
  4. Woman 👩‍✈️is the light 😇of God.🙏
  5. 🤔Yesterday I ☝️was clever, so 🙄I wanted to✊ change the🌍 world. Today I 👍am wise, so😁 I am changing myself💯💯
  6. Clean 😁out your☝️ ears, don’t listen❌ for what ☝️you already know.💯💯
  7. Silence😁 is the language 👍of God, all☝️ else is😔 poor translation.💯💯💯
  8. I 😁am yours.❤️ Don’t give myself🙏 back to me.❌❌❌
  9. Is 🤔it really so🙄 that the one ❤️I love is everywhere💯💯
  10. Reason 👍is powerless 😌in the expression ❤️of Love.💯💯
  1. If☝️ all you can😁 do is crawl, ☝️start crawling.😅😅😅
  2. 🤔When you do ❌things from your😇 soul, you✊ feel a river 😁moving in you, a joy.😇😇😇
  3. 👍Set your life😇 on fire🔥🔥 Seek those☝️ who fan 🤔your flames.☑️☑️☑️
  4. ❤️Love is not ❌an emotion,😁 it’s your very☝️ existence.💯💯
  5. ❌Don’t be👍 satisfied with stories, 🙄how things😌 have gone 🙄with others. Unfold🤨 your own myth.💯💯
  6. Lovers❤️ don’t finally ❌meet somewhere.🙄 They’re in 😅each other all along.😇
  7. Stop❌ acting so😌 small. You are☝️ the universe 🌍in ecstatic motion.👍

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