Van Gogh Quotes

Van Gogh Quotes – He was one of the most prolific artists of the Impressionism era. Although Vincent Van Gogh did not live long, he produced more than 900 important works of art over a period of ten years. He did so without any formal training and battling mental illness. The only painting he sold during his lifetime was “The Red Vineyard”. Let’s read some of the best quotes given by him.

Van Gogh Quotes

“Paintings 🈶have🈶 a 🅰️ life of their own that derives from the painter’s soul.”

I would rather ☠die ☠☠ of passion than of boredom.” – Vincent Van Gogh

I always think💭 that the best❇️ ↕️way↕️↕️ to know God is to love💛 many things. ”- Vincent Van Gogh

I put my heart💞 & soul into my 💼work 💼, & have🈶 lost my mind in the process. ”- Vincent Van Gogh

It is looking👀👀 at things for a🅰️ long 🕑time 🕑 that ripens you and gives you a 🅰️ deeper meaning😏. ”- Vincent Van Gogh

“Painting is a🅰️ faith, and it🇮🇹 imposes the duty to disregard public🚋 opinion.”

“One must 💼work💼 and dare if 1️⃣one1️⃣ really wants to live.”

“How can I be useful, of what😦 service can I be? There is something inside💠 me, what😦😦 can 🇮🇹it🇮🇹 be?”

Van Gogh Quotes

. “How can I be useful, of what😦 service can I be? There is something inside 💠 me, 😦what😦😦 can it 🇮🇹🇮🇹 be?” – Vincent van Gogh
“I dream of painting 🖌 and then I paint🎨 my dream.” – Vincent van Gogh

“I 🙈see🙈 drawings📏 and pictures🖼🖼 in the poorest of huts and the dirtiest of corners.” – Vincent van Gogh

I don’t know anything with certainty, but seeing the stars🌃 makes me dream. ”- Vincent Van Gogh

There is nothing more➕➕ truly artistic than to love💘 people👶👶. ”- Vincent Van Gogh

The fishermen know that the 🍥sea 🍥 is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have🈶 never found🔎🔎 these ⚡️dangers⚡️ sufficient reason for remaining ashore. ”- Vincent Van Gogh

“Do not quench your inspiration and your imagination; do not become the slave of your model.”

“An artist needn’t be 🅰️a🅰️ clergyman or a🅰️🅰️ churchwarden, but he certainly must have🈶 a🅰️🅰️ 🔅warm🔅 heart❤️ for his fellow men 👦.”

“Poetry surrounds us🇻🇮 everywhere, but putting it🇮🇹 🔛on 🔛 paper📄 is, alas, not so🆘 easy 🅰️as🅰️ 👀looking👀 at it🇮🇹.”

Poetry surrounds us🇺🇸🇺🇸 everywhere, but putting it🇮🇹 on🔛 paper📔 is, alas, not so🆘 easy as 🅰️ looking👀 at it🇮🇹.” – Vincent van Gogh

“There may be 🅰️a🅰️🅰️ great fire🚒 in our soul, yet no❎ 1️⃣one1️⃣1️⃣ ever comes to warm♨️♨️ himself at it🇮🇹, and the passers-by 🙈see🙈 only a🅰️ wisp of smoke💨.” – Vincent van Gogh

“But I always think💭 that the ❇️best❇️❇️ ↕️way↕️ to know God is to 💒love💒 many things.” – Vincent van Gogh

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