Benefits and Uses of Jamun

Benefits of Jamun for Pimples

Jamun juice is used to reduce pimples. For this, by applying the juice of jamun or its leaves on the skin, it prevents excessive oil from coming on the skin, which gives relief in problems like pimples. conspicuously used.

Benefits of Jamun for Skin and Eyes

Jamun can be used both internally and externally to cure skin diseases. The bark of Jamun is a good blood purifier, which cleanses the blood and removes the diseases of the skin, as well as being used externally, Jamun is beneficial in skin diseases due to its astringency. Gets relief from disorders like pimples. Jamun can also be used to avoid damage to the eyes due to diabetes.

Benefits of Jamun to Treat Eyes Diseases

Be it children or adults, everyone has problems related to eyes. There are many types of disorders related to the eyes, such as eye pain. You can use berries in it. Cook 15-20 tender leaves of jamun in 400 ml of water. When this decoction remains one-fourth, wash the eyes with it. It’s profitable.

Benefits of Jamun in Cataract Disease

Many people have the problem of cataract, Jamun is very useful in this. Mix the powder of Jamun kernels with honey well. Make tablets of three grams each. Take 1-2 tablets daily in the morning and evening. Rub these pills in honey and apply it like kajal. This gives benefit in cataract.

Jamun beneficial in ear disease

Sometimes pus starts coming out of the ear due to wound or other reasons. For this, mix the kernels of jamun fruit in honey. Putting 1-2 drops of this in the ear stops the bleeding of the ear.

Uses of Jamun to Treat Toothache

Jamun is beneficial in any dental problem. Make ashes of Jamun leaves. Rubbing it on the teeth and gums strengthens the teeth and gums. Pour the juice of ripe fruits of jamun into the mouth and gargle with it. This cures pyuria.

The use of berries in mouth ulcers

Often, there is a change in the food habits, mouth ulcers start happening. Gargling with the juice of jamun leaves provides relief in mouth ulcers. Take 10-15 ml jamun fruit juice regularly. Throat diseases are also cured by this.

Along with this, take 1-2 grams powder of bark of Jamun tree in sore throat. Taking the powder with honey also provides relief.

Jamun Benefits to Get Relief from Vomit

In case of repeated vomiting, take equal quantity, or 20 grams, of soft leaves of mango and jamun. Cook it in 400 ml water. When one-fourth of the decoction remains, let it cool and drink. This stops vomiting.

Jamun beneficial in the pain of piles or piles

In case of piles or piles, mix a little sugar in 20 ml juice of tender berries of jamun. Drinking this thrice a day stops the bleeding from piles.

Dilute 10 grams of Jamun leaves in 250 ml of cow’s milk. Drinking it in the morning, afternoon and evening for seven days stops the bleeding in piles.

Jamun Benefits in Liver Disease

If there is swelling in the spleen or liver, take the juice of 10 ml Jamun kernels. It gives benefit. Taking 10 ml vinegar of jamun daily is very beneficial in the disorder of enlargement of spleen and liver.

Benefits of Jamun in Jaundice

Consume jamun in case of jaundice. Mix 2 teaspoons of honey in 10-15 ml juice of jamun. Its consumption is beneficial in jaundice, anemia and blood disorders.

Benefits of Jamun in Kidney Stone Treatment

Consume jamun in case of stone or kidney stone. By eating ripe berries, the stones melt away.

Mix 250 mg rock salt in 10 ml juice of jamun. Drinking it 2-3 times a day for a few days breaks the stones in the bladder and comes out.

Make a paste by grinding 10-15 grams tender leaves of jamun tree. Mix 2-3 pieces of black pepper powder in it. By consuming it in the morning and evening, the stones come out through urine. It is an excellent treatment for stones.