Border Battle: Biden Administration Issues Cease-and-Desist to Texas

Biden administration tells Texas to stop blocking U.S. Border Patrol at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Department of Homeland Security claims Texas National Guard actions are unconstitutional and conflict with federal law.

Texas accused of impeding Border Patrol even in emergencies, referencing a recent drowning incident.

DHS demands Texas immediately cease actions obstructing Border Patrol access.

Texas Military Department disputes DHS account of the drowning incident.

White House criticizes Governor Abbott's actions as "cruel, inhumane, and dangerous."

Abbott and Republicans blame Biden for an alleged open-border policy, implementing Operation Lone Star.

Migrants bused to Democratic-led cities as part of Abbott's immigration enforcement plan.

Record migrant crossings a key point of criticism against the Biden administration.

House Speaker Mike Johnson leads House Republicans in a visit to the Texas border to scrutinize immigration laws.

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