Use of Baking Soda

Mix one spoon on baking soda with water and apply to remove excess tan

Mix tomato and Yoghurt

Peel off tomato and mix with yoghurt and apply for 20 minutes over tan

Easy Gram Flour and Turmeric mixture

Mix 1tsp in cup of flour and add milk/water and apply on tan

Remove tan with potato juice

Put thin slices of potato and get rid off tan in 15 minutes

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Use of honey and Papaya

Mash 5 cubes of ripen papaya with 1 teaspoon honey and apply for 20 min

Best result with strawberry and milk

Take 3 ripe strawberries and mash then add milk and apply on tan skin ( 20min)

Get perfect result with coconut milk

Apply coconut on tann with cotton and wash after it gets dry

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