This Above All To Thine Own Self Be True

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👉There is nothing ❌either good 👍or bad but🤨 thinking makes it so💯💯

👍If we are true 😌to ourselves, we can☝️ not be❌ false to anyone.💯💯

Though🤨 this be 😌madness, yet there is method👍 in’t.👈👈

The 🤨apparel oft 🤔proclaims the man🙄🙄

Words 👍without❌ thoughts never to👎 heaven go.💯💯


The ⏳time is out 🤨of joint : O cursed🙏 spite, that🙄 ever I was born👍 to set it right💯💯

Over🙄 the bowls of 😇memory where🤨 every hollow 😌holds a hallow ✊✊

More 🤨grief to hide 😔than hate to utter love💯💯

The 👩‍✈️lady doth protest😌 too much, methinks.🙄🙄

This 🙄is the very 🤨ecstasy of love. ❤️❤️

👉More👍 matter with☝️ less art.💯💯💯

Our 😇souls are knit.☝️ We are one🙏 person, James🤗🤗

When 😌sorrows come, they 🙄come not ❌single spies, but in battalions.💯💯💯

From ✊this time forth☝️
My thoughts😇 be bloody, or be 😌nothing worth👎

There’s a☝️ divinity that 😇shapes our ends, 😌Rough-hew ☝️them how we will🙄🙄

Tis in✊ my memory lock’d, 😌And you yourself 😇shall keep the 🔑key of it.👈👈

I ☝️will be brief.✊ Your noble son is mad.😁😁😁

My😌 words fly up,☝️ my thoughts remain below😄😄😄

There are😇 more things in Heaven😇 and 🌍Earth, Horatio, than are✊ dreamt of in your philosophy.☝️

One may😁 smile, and smile,😁 and be a villain.👿

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