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Bio For Muslim Girl

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Flirty Boy
COol MundA
LoVe Mom Dad
SearcHing My RajkumAri
Fun LoVer
Music Addicted
Cake CUt ON 10 May

W€l¢om€ t♂ m¥ wo®ld
fírѕt cruѕh mч mσm…
W●₹k h@rd
Z¡dd¡ b●¥
muѕíc αddíctєd…
Live LaughLoVe…

It is better to
fight and fall
down again!!!
than living without hope
Be a beast for your best

Tu Papa KI Paree
to Me Maa Ka Magarmachh
Love My Life
Just Love Myself
No Need
Cake Murder 16 May
It’s Enough

Dance….. Lover honors
Admires Virat
There’s nø løve like the 1st
Mom’s princess

[ɪɴɴᴏᴄᴇɴᴛ ʙᴏʏ
Love you pagli
Music love
hobby Photography
Unique Personality
Cake Day 🔪 12 March

MR. Perfect
Love u Mom & Dad
Unique Personality
Music Lover
Big Fan Of Mahakal

Born on 22 Jan
Photography Lover
Music Lover
KTM My favourite
Gym craze
Follow Me

KinG is King
Dilo Ka KiNg
Love my parents
Black Lover🖤

Cricket Lover
Give Respect Take Respect
जिथ मी चुकत नाही, तिथ मी झुकत नाही
Little H@€Ker

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