Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Already Taken

Luvstoc presents some amazing quotes of Oscar Wilde like ” Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Already Taken “. Wilde was a great playwright, writer, thinker and novelist, who has left an impact of his great thinking and ideas on the whole world. His thoughts are inspiring to move forward in life, so let’s know about the great ideas of Oscar Wilde

  • ☝️I can resist 🤨everything except🤐 temptation.💯💯
  • 👨A man’s face is 😇his autobiography. A woman’s👩‍✈️ face is her ✊work of fiction💯💯
  • Always👍 forgive your🤔 enemies; nothing😔 annoys them🤨 so much.💯💯💯
  • ☝️I have the 😌simplest of tastes👍 I am always😌 satisfied with ☝️the best.✊
  • To👍 live is the😌 rarest thing🌍 in the world. Most ☝️people exist, ☝️that is all😇
  • ☝️I am so clever👍 that sometimes I☝️ don’t ❌understand a single ☝️word of what I am😇 saying.💯💯
  • ❤️To love oneself☝️ is the beginning of🤗 a lifelong romance.😍😍😍
  • You 🤔can never❌ be overdressed 🤨or overeducated.💯💯
  • 👍The truth is 😇rarely pure and never😌 simple💯💯💯
  • A☝️ cynic is a 😇man who knows🤔 the price of🤨 everything, and the value 😁of nothing.😔😔😔
  • The😇 public is wonderfully👍 tolerant. It forgives 😔everything except genius💯💯💯
  • 👉Every🙏 saint has a past😇, and every sinner has✊ a future.💯💯
  • ❤️The heart was 😔made to be broken.💔💔💔
  • ☝️A thing is not ❌necessarily true👍 because 👨a man dies for it😌😌😌
  • 😇Experience is👍 merely the name😇 men☝️ gave to their ☝️mistakes 💯💯💯
  • 👍True friends 🤨stab you in the front💯💯👍
  • Life 😇is far too 👍important a thing👌 ever to talk😇 seriously abou🔥🔥🔥
  • 😌Only dull people 👍are brilliant at☝️ breakfast💯💯
  • To👍 define is to👎 limit💯💯💯
  • 👍Always forgive🙏 your enemies🤨 nothing😌 annoys them so much👈👈👈

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