11 Proven Mathod To Make Quick Money Online

Quick Money Online: Many people lost their jobs in the lockdown, and many had financial difficulties, those whose businesses were offline had their shops closed, but even those whose businesses were online, or those who were making money online, had higher incomes.Bill Gates says that if your business is not online, you will not last long in the market

So today in this post we are going to share with you some of the ways that you can make money online from home, and earn a very good amount of money if you work properly and with patience.

In this post we are going to give you some tools for online Earning for which all you need is internet, phone and computer.

11 Proven Mathod To Make Quick Money Online


YouTube channel is a great way to make money online,

If you have a skill like cooking, you can upload videos of different recipes to your channel.

But keep in mind that YouTube is not a Get-rich-quick scheme, it doesn’t mean that you started a YouTube channel today and started earning money right away,

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

You need to monetize the YouTube channel to make money, then you can earn income through it

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Facebook / Instagram Page

There are millions of people on social media today who make money at home, Facebook and Instagram are just some of the ways they can make money.

You see, there are many pages on Instagram or Facebook that share memes, jokes, statuses, quotes, tutorials, or some information, have you ever wondered why they do it, because they make money from it?

You may see promotions in sponsored posts or stories on many accounts, and this is their main way of earning.

If you have more followers then you get sponsorship for which you can charge according to your followers

Usually you get 200-1500 rupees for 1 post or story, it depends on how many followers you have, what is the topic of your account, how many likes your post gets

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If you have any skills like copy-writing, video editing, digital marketing, coding (programming), social media marketing, Adword Ads, SEO or any other skill then you can do freelancing.

You have to register on some freelancing websites like freelancer, fiverr, upwork, then you meet clients there.

If you have a good portfolio or a good knowledge of the field, you can get a lot of clients from here.

Android Apps

Android App is a great way to get started if you have coding,

You can make your own amps and put them in the Play Store and make money from it, but for that you have to learn programming first and then you can make amps.

You don’t have to have a big idea to make an amp, a lot of people download basic amps like wallpapers, jokes, statuses, information, even simple amps and download millions.

For Android App development you can learn Java or Kotlin programming language and then learn Android studio and build apps.

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Blogging is also a great way to make money online

In this you want to start a blog on which you can write information on different topics, or write information about any one niche (topic) such as technology, or information etc.

On blogs you can make money through advertisements like Google Adsense, affiliate marketing,

You need Domain and Hosting to start a blog, or you can start a free blog at blogger.com

Share Market / Trading

If you have a good knowledge of share market then this is the best option for you

There are many Android apps like upstox, Groww, Zerodha, Angel Broking that you can use.

But be aware of this before investing in the stock market, otherwise you may lose out if you don’t do the research.

Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you promote a company’s product or service and you get commission for it

Suppose your friend wants to buy a mobile from Amazon, then you can get him to buy it with your affiliate link and you will get a few percent commission for that.


If you have good knowledge in a field, you can earn money by consulting about it

For example, if you know about digital marketing, and a business man wants to take his business online,

So you can consult him for more information on how to get your business online and how to market it, and he will pay you your fees.

There are thousands of people today who are making millions from just consulting business, but for that you need to know a lot in that field.

Amazon Seller

Amazon seller is also a popular option, in which you can list your products on Amazon and increase your sales.

Suppose you have a t-shirt printing business, then you can list the t-shirts you make on Amazon, this will increase your sales a lot as there are a lot of customers shopping on Amazon.

Data entry

If you have Excel, Typing, Basic Computer Knowledge, then you can earn money by online data entry, for that you have to register on some online websites like freelancer, upwork.

Paid courses

For this you need to be a master in a skill,
Suppose you are very good at video editing, then you can create and sell courses on video editing, you can run ads to sell them and promote your course.


Today in this post we have learned how you can make money online through internet. Hope you understand this information.